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   Welcome to the photo gallery of Cold Blue Steel members. This site is for members to share private and public collections, personal photos and show displays. Some steels are for sale and trade.

   Randall made knives, From Orlando , FL, are the most popular knife we collect, buy, sell and trade among our members.

   We also have a passion for the specialty straight blade steels of knife makers' guild members. Some of the favorites are; Alfred Pendray; Wootz and 52100, Howard Clark; L 6, 1086, pattern weld, Charles (OX) Ochs; Damascus & 52100, and honorary member J.R. Johnson; 52100

   Folding knives that are in most collections are Frank Centofante, Melvin Pardue, Howard Clark, Bill King, Les Adams and custom handmade bailisongs.

We are looking for rare and custom Dakota Arms, Les Baer and Wilson Combat .

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Randall Knives
Randall knives for sale

Dakota Arms
Dakota Arms displayed

Pendray Knives
Pendray knives for sale

Special Sale
Osprey Defense
OPS-416 Gas Piston kit
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Randall knives for sale

Howard Clark
Howard Clark knives for sale

Miscellanous knives for sale

Links to knife makers.
Howard Clark
Charles Ochs
Tom Maringer
Al Pendray, Wootz Damascus
Al Pendray, Forging Wootz Damascus. pdf
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